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Whether you are an early-stage company or expanding business, TaraPaige Group will provide you with the strategic guidance, operational insights, and financial analysis necessary to achieve your vision. Our team brings years of unmatched experience in the hospitality and finance industries. Our objective is to transform your vision into reality through clearly identified building blocks and well-thought execution. At TaraPaige Group, the journey is just as important as the destination and we go the extra mile to manage clients’ strategic goals through a highly organized process. We recognize that each business brings unique challenges that require a distinct and thoughtful approach. We don’t simply meet our clients’ standards — we set new ones.

As a new business, this is an exciting moment and one that is met with trepidation. At TaraPaige Group we work closely with you to ease your fears and help develop and implement your dream of building, running and operating your unique enterprise.

Every new business needs a business plan. We work closely with you to create this core of your enterprise. We help flush out your concept, develop your menu, structure the pricing of products, conduct market research to support your concept and build your financial models to prepare for your investor presentations.

You have grown significantly, received amazing press and you have lines out the door, yet you are not as profitable as you should be. If this sounds like your business, let TaraPaige Group conduct an internal enterprise audit.

Our enterprise audit looks at the two most important aspects of your business; the day-to-day operations and your financial back office. We observe your kitchen production, employee engagement, guest service, product placement, staffing levels and management leadership. We perform analytics of your financial records, evaluate your POS, product menu engineering and conduct onsite observations and analytics. We carefully review your overall business and present and implement our recommendations to turn your enterprise around.

Your profit margins are in line, you have a clear company vision with multiple locations, management is in place and you are ready for rapid growth. What you need is a strong strategic plan that sets your enterprise on course to achieve those goals.

Every enterprise deserves good operating systems. TaraPaige Group will work closely with your enterprise to create and implement the standard operating procedures along with financial analytics that enable your expansion to be a seamless roll out.

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“Our business began as entrepreneurial ventures do – a unique idea coupled with drive, passion, and experience. As intrinsic as these raw ingredients are to the success of any new food and beverage driven concept, they mean nothing without the financial acumen and professionalism that few in the industry can bring in the way that the team at Tara Paige can.
Since the first day Tara Berman and her team have been integrated into the very fabric of our organization. Each key account-advisory partner at Tara Paige brings years of relevant operational food service experience and financial management skills critical to our success. They are a true comprehensive solutions provider, from inception through to execution and operations evaluation. In Tara Paige we have found a key partner that helps us manage costs, drive sales, and increase profitability while we keep our focus on big picture.

Thank you to Tara and everyone in that organization for all that they do as part of the team!

John Moore

CEO, FAL Coffee


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